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Learn About Workstaff Software Features

Stay connected with your team and streamline the scheduling and planning process with the Workstaff app.
Get the most out of your staffing management software with its enhanced features.

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Staff Scheduling

Assemble your team at lightning speed, saving hours and gaining peace of mind with Workstaff's on-demand shift scheduling software. Instantly broadcast shifts to your entire staff or handpick individuals based on your needs. Monitor schedules effortlessly with calendar views, tracking projects, bookings, and staff availability.

Create complete schedules based on location, positions, and remuneration. Make rapid changes, utilize employee schedule templates, and manage agendas more efficiently with designated managers. Experience the power of smart scheduling, centralized information, and quick editing features with the Workstaff app.

Time Tracking

Unlock your team's productivity potential with the user-friendly Workstaff Employee Time Tracking App, so you can seamlessly manage time and maximize efficiency. From clocking in and out with handy reminders to accurate time tracking, we've got you covered so that you remain in the loop with real-time alerts for issues that require your immediate attention.

Workstaff ensures hassle-free timesheet submission and approval, making payroll a breeze. Say goodbye to manual processing as our system generates ready-to-use reports and exports. With integrated payroll functionality and automated checks, you can bid farewell to inconsistencies and missing data.


Team Communications

The Workstaff mobile employee communication app is determined to make communication fast and efficient by using a range of features that ensure seamless team connectivity. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple channels such as emails, text and phone calls, and streamline communication through a centralized hub for 1-to-1 messaging, team conversations, and mass broadcasting. Share documents through the app and send instant notifications in real-time, so your team is always in the loop of any last-minute changes.


The Workstaff app eliminates the hassle of busy pay processing periods by removing the complexities of payroll calculations. It streamlines the payroll process, making it easier and faster by consolidating your staff's earnings into comprehensive reports that you can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your external payroll software.

Stay informed with real-time notifications for any inconsistencies or missing data in your payruns, allowing you to take immediate action to resolve any issues. In addition, you benefit from numerous payroll control features such as tailored pay period options, personalized staff selection, seamless stub management, and convenient Excel report exports for an effortless payroll management system.


Contractor Invoices

Say goodbye to the headaches of dealing with late or missing invoices thanks to the Workstaff app's invoicing feature that empowers your staff to create and submit invoices within minutes. The software generates error-free invoices based on approved time-tracking data and customized remuneration conditions, so you can easily review and reconcile invoices. From automatic reminders to effortlessly generated invoice skeletons, we've thought of everything to streamline the invoicing process, save both time and effort for you and your staff, and ensure they are remunerated fairly and on time.