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Flexible Plans For Every Need

With a generous Free tier and feature-packed paid plans that include advanced productivity tools, Workstaff has something for everyone.On all of our plans, there is no limit on the number of workers you can manage. If you're on a paid plan, you pay only for the number of administrative users using Workstaff to manage your workforce.
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Access to key scheduling features, no recurring costs
No charge
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  • Unlimited Staff
  • Flexible Project-based Scheduling
  • Book & Manage Staff
  • Send Invites
  • Publish Work Offers to Select Workers
  • Ratings
  • Messaging / Chat
  • Mobile App for Workers
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Access to key features with additional pro and real-time tools
Per admin seat, per month
Number of workers
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Includes everything from Free plan, plus:

  • Time Tracking (Clock In/Out) With Reminders and Realtime Presence
  • Basic Remuneration
  • Urgent and First Come, First Served Work Offers
  • Receive Photos From Staff in the Field
  • Broadcast Messages to Staff
  • Team Leaders
  • Clients Management
  • Custom Data Fields on Worker Profiles
  • Budgeting & Financial Reports
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Our most advanced offering, for maximum productivity
Per admin seat, per month
Number of workers
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Includes everything from Pro plan, plus:

  • Automated Invoices for Your Freelancers / Contractors
  • Onboard new team members via Google Forms
  • Departments
  • Advanced Remuneration With Shift Premiums / Differentials
  • Payroll / Pay Run Reports
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What is a seat?

A seat is an administrative / office user who needs to use Workstaff. These would be business owners, managers, coordinators, accountant or anyone who needs to access to the employer-side of Workstaff.

Our paid plans are charged on the basis of the number of active seats at any given time.

Why don't you charge per staff?

We built our pricing model to cater specifically to the needs of the on-demand staffing industry. Our paid plans are packed with features that will make you and your office staff more productive so our pricing model is based on the number of administrative users you need instead of the number of people you deploy in the field.

Why pay a fixed fee for every single one of your staff base when you can't be sure they'll be working?

How are my workers counted to determine which pricing tier my account is in?

Each worker profile in Workstaff has an active/inactive status. Only the active profiles are considered in your pricing tier.

If your current Workstaff tier includes up to 100 staff, you can have up to 100 active staff, and as many inactive profile as you need. When you need more than 100 active staffs - for example, when you need to add a new profile or reactivate a previously inactive profile - you'll need to upgrade your account to the next tier.

Can I try features from the paid plans before committing to a purchase?

Yes! We offer a complementary 14 days trial of our Pro plan. When you sign up for Workstaff, your account starts on the Free plan. You can then start your free trial of the Pro plan directly within Workstaff.

What happens if I decide not to purchase Workstaff Pro after my free trial?

Your account will simply be put back to the Free plan. No data will be lost and you can still decide to purchase one of the paid plans later on if you change your mind.

Can I add or remove/cancel seats on my paid plan?

Yes! You can add or remove seats at any time directly from within Workstaff. Your monthly charges will be automatically adjusted and the current month will be charged or credited on a prorated basis. This is ideal if your needs vary seasonally, for example.

Can I pause or cancel my paid subscription?

Yes! You have two options:

  1. Pause subscription: While your subscription is paused, your account will automatically revert to the Free plan, it will not auto-renew, and you will not be billed. You can un-pause at any time to re-enable paid features on your plan.
  2. Cancel subscription: You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your account will revert to the Free plan at the end of your current term and will not auto-renew.