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Are you an agency looking for better staffing solutions?

Client Portal

Empower Your Clients

Give your clients a customizable user-friendly portal for effortless project and staff request sharing. Enhance collaboration and satisfaction by offering seamless project updates, instant messaging, and simplified staff request submissions.


Receive Staff Requests Directly to Your Workstaff Planning

Streamline the process of receiving staff requests from clients. Through your portal, clients can effortlessly submit staffing orders, which will automatically populate your Workstaff calendar for fulfillment.


Keep Your Clients Close with Instant Messaging

Whether it is a last-minute change, a question from the the field, always be responsive and have your clients feel close via the integrated instant messaging, with conversations dedicated to each staffing mandate.


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  • Prime
  • Guru
  • Staff
  • Université Laval
  • Samajam
  • Olive Orange
  • SGM
  • Tango Tango
  • Société Traiteur
  • Carnaval de Québec
  • PromoStaff
  • Celcius
  • Multicolore

Instant Sharing of Team, Pictures, Time and more

Your portal is a direct window for your clients to get full transparency and live updates from your Workstaff operations. 


Share Project Progress & Team

Share real-time project updates on what's being fulfilled, and which people are going to be dispatched for each project. Be in control of how much you want to share for each project, with precise control on the level of transparency you want for each project.


Share Pictures From the Field in Seconds

Share field photos with clients instantly, effortlessly showcasing live event buzz and campaign success.

time Report

Share Time Report

Instantly share approved hours on your projects with your clients. Remove the friction in preparing project status reports with your clients with your Portal.

Instant Sharing of Team, Pictures, Time and more

Increased Client Satisfaction & Retention

Your portal gets a dedicated website with your name in the address, your own logo and branding. They won’t even know you’re using Workstaff as your magic wand. 


A Direct Connection to Your Clients

Branded to your organization, your Client Portal offers an always-on access to your operations for your clients. Remove the friction in sharing data with your clients and in handling staffing orders, and nurture long-lasting relationships with your clients. 

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