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Payroll Made Easier & Faster

Streamline your remuneration process with Workstaff's advanced Payroll module. Effortlessly consolidate your staff's earnings and receive comprehensive reports ready to be seamlessly integrated into your external payroll software. Take the hassle out of payroll calculations and enjoy the convenience of accurate, ready-to-use numbers at your fingertips


Make Payroll a Breeze

Simplify your pay period processing with Payroll, as it automatically compiles approved time entries and comprehensive remuneration details for workers assigned to shifts. Workstaff keeps you informed of any inconsistencies or missing data in your payruns, allowing you to take immediate action.


Overtime, Premiums / Differentials & Adjustments

Workstaff's configurable remuneration engine calculates precise and detailed earnings data for your staff


Be Reactive

Identify inconsistencies and missing data in payruns with real-time notifications


Always Up To Date

Regenerate pay run reports reflecting adjustments made for accurate representation of payroll data

Make Payroll a Breeze


Maximize your payroll control with tailored pay period options, personalized staff selection, seamless stub management, and convenient Excel report exports.
  • Customizable pay period calendars
  • Select staff to include in pay runs
  • Easy stub searching, filtering and tracking
  • Export to Excel and Quickbooks

Why Use an Employee Messaging System?

  • Quick booking
  • Timesheet management
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Instant messaging & broadcasts
  • Various clock in/out modes
  • Easy staff access to schedules and offers
  • Mobile app for workers and managers
  • Availability control
  • Reports exports