A simple way to search, book, schedule and manage your temp staff

Software Made for Staffing Agencies

Workstaff for Staff Services: Flexible tools to build custom schedules for different clients, and a robust offer booking and scheduling engine for managing the availability and skills of candidates to filter, match and book to the right contracts.

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Fast On-Demand Staff Planning

A simple way to search, book, schedule and manage on-demand staff. Workstaff is a complete solution with a platform and a mobile app that brings all your staffing and scheduling needs together in one place.
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    Shift Booking

    Event based and regular weekly scheduling options to easily book staff based on their skills and availability.

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    With the mobile app, your team is always reachable through instant messaging and broadcasts.

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    Time Tracking

    Workstaff keeps busy even after all your team has clocked out by ensuring timesheets are submitted and approved.

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    Autonomous Worker Invoicing

    Contractors can create and submit invoices directly from the mobile app.

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    Export your staff's timesheets and earnings to your payroll system.

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On-Demand Scheduling Made Easy

Scheduling on-demand staff doesn't have to be time consuming. With its user-friendly interface, Workstaff allows you to easily create and manage your schedules, book staff, and approve timesheets and invoices in just a few clicks.
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is a great tool for

Staff Agencies

Temp Agencies

Event Staffing Agencies

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Mobile App for on the Go Access

The Workstaff mobile app allows staff to always know what shifts are available, their schedules and all details about their shifts in real time.
  • Easy staff access to schedules and shift offers
  • Reminders and notifications for upcoming shifts
  • Update availabilities and confirm shifts on the go
  • Staff can clock in / clock out through app
  • Easy direct communication with instant messaging
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Has It All Planned

  • Quick booking and confirmations
  • Timesheet management
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Instant messaging & broadcasts
  • Various clock in/out modes
  • Easy staff access to schedules and offers
  • Mobile app
  • Availability control

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