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The Rebirth of The Event Industry

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The Rebirth of The Event Industry

July 29, 2022 · 3 min read

While the pandemic has had a negative impact on the event industry, it has also been an opportunity to reinvent it.

The past two years of pandemic have been a time of uncertainty for the event industry.

Following the mandatory shutdown of all face-to-face activities after the lockdown announcement in March 2020, the event became less and less conceivable in the minds of organizers and the public.

Companies in this industry experienced significant financial and salary losses and had to come to terms with an uncertain future for a period of time that was still unknown.

Today, with the massive relaxation of sanitary measures, we are witnessing a renaissance of the physical event, long awaited by a population thirsty for entertainment, reunion and memorable moments to share.

The Sudden Switch to Online Events

With the lockdowns and sanitary measures, the event landscape was marked by the disappearance of many players in this sector, but also by the resilience and inventiveness of organizations that were able to adapt to this reality by offering virtual gatherings.

The increased use of technological tools during the pandemic allowed many companies to adapt and offer new event formats that were welcomed by a large number of people.

Online gatherings have become commonplace in a variety of settings and at different scales. Indeed, it is possible to virtually attend concerts, conferences, promotional events, conventions, and much more.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology as a tool for organizing and communicating at events, but also as an integral and essential part of those events.

Many companies have embraced this long-term approach and plan to continue offering virtual events even after the health constraints of the pandemic have been alleviated.

The Long-Awaited Return of Physical Events

However, according to recent studies, a large majority of people still prefer physical events to virtual ones for the exchanges, the conviviality and the human experience they offer.

This interest is all the more visible with the return in force of participants to face-to-face gatherings in recent months. Today, with the removal of multiple health constraints, the events sector is experiencing a positive trend.

The disruption has resulted in a significant amount of rescheduling of events that can finally take place, in addition to those that are being organized after the two years of restrictions.

Catering services, staffing agencies, event organizers and other players in this sector must now respond to an extremely high demand and implement adequate logistical, organizational and technological means to cope with such a craze.

The Undeniable Advantages of Technology

In a context where it is possible to take advantage of more freedom than during the last two years, the pandemic persists despite everything and the importance of hybrid events is indisputable if one wants to get closer to his audience.

The impact of the pandemic on the event industry has led to a growing use of technological tools (like event staffing apps) that allow the digitization of events, but also their organization and communication.

Workstaff is a platform widely used in the event industry for its functionalities that facilitate, among other things, the management of schedules, the planning of personnel and the communication with the teams.

You can stay informed of your workers' availability, book them and publish offers they can apply for at their fingertips on the mobile app, thanks to which they are always reachable through instant messaging.

These tools have proven to be particularly beneficial in recent months as the tidal wave of the event industry has overwhelmed.

Learn more about Workstaff and its features by visiting our Help Center.

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