High Paying Flexible Jobs in Montreal

October 24, 2022 · 2 min read

High Paying Flexible Jobs in Montreal

Constantly looking for new talent with varying levels of experience, staffing agencies are a pool of opportunity for anyone looking for more autonomy and a variety of short-term work opportunities.

Staffing Agencies Offer High-Paying Flexible Jobs

If you're tired of working for minimum wage, even though it's been rising steadily but never enough to keep up with inflation, which has reached unsustainable levels in recent months, rest assured: there are other opportunities out there!

Whether you are a student or looking for flexible hours and good pay, staffing agencies offer a multitude of jobs in different industries such as events, security, installation services, marketing agencies, sports events, and much more!

The Shift to Gig Work

In the few years leading up to the pandemic, the gig economy has gathered a large number of on-demand and short-term work enthusiasts for the flexibility and autonomy they can benefit from. In 2018, workers practicing some form of gig work accounted for 36% of the workforce in the United States. The pandemic has significantly accelerated this trend and the on-demand workforce has increased by 30%.

Opting for on-demand work is now commonplace, and relying on a staffing agency allows you to take advantage of a constant stream of temporary work offers, each as varied as the next.

The Great Return of Events

With the end of the Covid-19 restrictions, festivals, concerts, weddings, conventions and conferences are making a comeback. Event producers, large and small, often use staffing agencies that have a pool of part-time candidates that they usually pay well.

Providing waiters for caterers or promotional staff to hand out flyers, workers can pick their jobs, locations and dates, giving them a great deal of freedom, and pay typically ranges from $18 to $30 per hour.

Some Staffing Agencies in Montreal

If you're interested in flexible hours, good pay, and the chance to participate in some of Montreal's most exciting events, check out some of these agencies.

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